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Shampoos Without Bad Ingredients

Want to find out the best shampoo for you? One without bad ingredients, only natural ones and free of harsh chemicals? And what is the best shampoo for oily scalp and dry hair? Or oily hair and dry scalp? What is the best shampoo for dandruff? Hair loss?

This post covers a Best Shampoos series for all hair types. All without bad ingredients.

Choosing The Right Shampoo

Just like yourself, I have been struggling for years to find the best shampoo to wash my hair every day. Well, first point should be: do not wash your hair every day… At least, it should only be washed every other day… But you know what I mean.

To know the best shampoo for you, there is no magical recipe. There are guidelines and shampoos for many types and conditions. But we all are different persons, with different needs, tastes and issues. In the end, only you can find what is best for you. Be persistent and keep searching until you are satisfied. Shampoos and hair products take a one to two months to give noticeable results, so have that in mind.

First let’s take a look at some expert websites explaning how to choose the best shampoo for your hair:

If you read them, the main message is that you need to know your scalp very well, and then find a shampoo adequate for it. The shampoo should be mostly aimed to meet the needs of your scalp.

Shampoos Without Bad Ingredients

We all worry a bit when checking the ingredients list in haircare and skincare products. The names are scary, we don’t know what they mean. Fact is most of them are synthetic and too over processed to be related with the original natural ingredients. If you wish to learn more about “good” and “bad” ingredients check out Commercial Soap Ingredients – What Are They? Many of them are used in hair care as well.

On the other hand, it makes total sense that natural ingredients like vegetable oils, plant extracts and other plant-based ingredients are milder and more nourishing to your hair than artificially changed ingredients. Many of these ingredients are edible, or used in food. If they can give essential nutrients inside our body, they can also deliver them outside.

All shampoos presented in this blog, store-bought or homemade, are made only with natural and low-processed ingredients, avoiding the scaringly high amount of chemical and synthetic ingredients of commercial shampoos. I only make an exception for shampoo, where I use a synthetic mild surfactant, instead of high pH soap that might cause chemical hair breakage.

Just Nutritive believes in haircare products without harsh artificial chemicals. No silicones or sulfates. No artificial fragrances or dyes. Aimed at helping you getting the healthiest and strongest hair and scalp environment. Not selling the most foamy, strongest-scented and long-lasting product.

They show a huge list of natural vegetable oils and plant extracts they use in their products, showing that it is possible to make real natural products that are effective. We can’t help to wonder that, if resources and efford was used at researching the best and most effective natural products, instead of researching if the chemical X is safe to use in cosmetics… Wouldn’t we all be better served? Check out more about their ingredients at

Shampoos for All Hair Types

I have been reviewing natural shampoos for each hair type, along with some tips – how many times you should wash, how to use styling and accessories, etc. And this is the result – a Best Shampoos post series:

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4 thoughts on “Shampoos Without Bad Ingredients”

  1. This has been an interesting article to read even though i am always guilty of washing my hair with soap. Sorta comes with theb territory of having a spikey up mohawk i guess. Use the soap to spike it and when you want to wash it, just rinse it out. But i should start using the proper stuff like this.

    • Hello Kwidzin and thanks for your comment.

      Well, if you feel good with soap, keep it up. I just don’t believe to be a good hair product in the long run, due to high pH, but doesn’t mean it can’t work for some people. Try to alternate.



  2. I can’t use any shampoo out there. There are definitely some things I have to consider before switching to a new shampoo. I have had a very good experience with natural shampoos. I have to be careful with that I choose the correct one for my hair type. But other than that, I am open to try your suggestions. Thank you!


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