How to Make Transparent Soap Base

how to make transparent soap base

While making a natural melt and pour soap base at home is relatively easy, making a transparent soap base requires a couple of “magic” ingredients for you to be sucessful. And as you stretch the limits of using solvents in your soap base to have crystal clear soap, you will definitely sacrifice another important soap property: … Read more

How Do You Store Homemade Soap?

Handmade package for soap

Learn the best practices to store your handmade soap. Storing soap depends on the process you have used to make it. Storing Handmade Soap If you are producing your soap by hot process or cold process, your soap will only be ready to be used after it has fully cured. Then, you’re able to use, … Read more

Why Does Soap Need to Cure?

Curing soap in a dry and well vented place

Curing is the process for which the soap bars finish saponification and dry completely. It takes about a month. Find out why your homemade cold process soap needs to cure and how to do it. Previously in this Soap Making series: How Do You Make Cold Process Soap? or How to Make Soap by Melt … Read more