Cocoa and Cinnamon Lip Balm

Who doesn’t like the cinnamon flavor in sweet rice or cinnamon cookies? Cinnamon is one of my favorite flavors, it only makes sense that it makes part of a lip balm. The same for cocoa butter. How about a lip balm with cocoa butter and cinnamon? Check out this recipe and try it at home!

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The Oils

You probably know cocoa butter, even if unaware, from chocolate. Almost any chocolate is made with cocoa butter, because of its melting point: 34ºC to 38ºC. It’s solid at room temperature but in contact with your mouth, it readily melts. What you might not know is that cocoa butter is also used in cosmetics. It’s very similar to shea butter, high in fatty acids and therefore very nourishing. It does smell like cocoa.

Another oil used is olive oil, highly conditioning and mild, rich in anti-oxidants and mildly anti-inflammatory. I have a olive oil lip balm recipe you can also try out. 

The oils in this recipe allow the lip balm to melt immediately while you spread it along your lips, giving you a very creamy and conditioning layer over your lips, and a feeling of moist lips for a long time.

You can use herbal-infused oils. When trying this recipe, I’ve used rosemary-infused olive oil. Why rosemary? In this case,just because I had some leftovers from my Homemade Rosemary Soap. Rosemary has some anti-inflammatory properties, so it is beneficial for a lip balm.


If you like cinnamon, imagine how it will feel to spread cinnamon flavoured lip balm. 

As you might have figured out by now, this lip balm uses cinnamon bark essential oil to provide scent and flavor. Due to its chemical compounds (cinnamaldehyde, mostly), it is known to be much more prone to be a skin irritant. Cinnamon leaf essential oil is, therefore, more used in natural skincare. 

The problem is that cinnamon leaf is not like cinnamon bark. If you are actually after the cinnamon scent you know from sweet rice, cinnamon bark is the right choice. Furthermore, cinnamon bark essential oil has very good antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties. Although it is not exactly a preservative, it helps a lot with that function.

Just be cautious, and make a skin test before using it on your lip balm. Also, respect the quantity indicated. 1 drop of essential oil is roughly 0,05ml for 10g of lip balm. That’s 0,5% of usage. In soap, it is recommended that cinnamon essential oil doesn’t surpass 0,6%, due to being a potential skin irritant. 

I have actually used 2 drops and find it pretty strong, and more than enough, the scent and flavor staying strong. If you feel like using a little bit more, just add one drop at a time. This product should be respected regarding quantities, as it is strong and potentially irritating. Also, expect some tingling on your lips when applying.


Beeswax is the hardening ingredient in this lip balm. It also acts as a humectant in the sense that provides a protective layer to skin and traps moisture and oils in it. Most balms and lip balm uses beeswax. There are vegan alternatives to beeswax: carnauba wax, olive based wax, soy wax. 

Vitamin E oil

Well, the anti-oxidant is always a must. Besides, anti-oxidants are very good for your skin, some extra vitamin E is always welcome. Only a few drops of vitamin E will be enough. If you happen to have vitamin E in capsules, one or half of one should be good enough.

Besides preventing aging and damage to your skin due to being a powerful anti-oxidant, vitamin E oil also delays oil rancidity. My personal experience was that using a lip balm made with olive oil, beeswax, eucalyptus and vitamin E, lasted me for a year without any signs of rancidity. 

The Recipe

Cinnamon and cocoa provide a great blend of scents and flavor. Although I didn’t add any sugar or sweetener, the lip balm tastes sweet!

Be bold and try this recipe! But take your precautions to avoid skin irritation. Enjoy your lipstick!

Find Where to Buy Handmade Cinnamon/Cocoa Lip Balm

If you’re not yet ready to try to make this recipe at home, but you still wish to enjoy natural lip balms, you can find handmade cocoa or cinnamon lip balm in the following links:

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Como Fazer um Bálsamo x
Como Fazer um Bálsamo

How To Make a Balm

Cocoa And Cinnamon Lip Balm

A delicious lip balm recipe, made with cocoa butter and cinnamon essential oil. Bear in mind that cinnamon might be a skin irritant, so make a skin test before using it. Only for the bold ones!
Difficulty: veery easy
Weight: ~10 g
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Skincare Product: Lip Balm
Method: Oil-based Product
Keyword: cinnamon flavour lip balm, coccoa butter and cinnamon lip balm, how to make natural lip balm at home, make your own natural lip balm
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 2 tubes or 1 tin container (15 ml)
Cost: $0,36 / 0,30€ per tube




  • Disinfect all your equipment before starting. You can boil some of your equipment (like the double boiler, glass cups, spoons), and use a solution of 1 liter of water with 1/2 cup of bleach, for items that are not heat-resistant (like the milk frother, plastic cups or the lotion containers)
  • Assemble the ingredients and equipment first
    ingredients and equipment to make lip balm
  • Measure the oils and the beeswax to a double boiler (you can also use a metal jug)
  • Fill the pan with water to use as a double boiler. Turn the heat on and place the double boiler inside the pan with water.
  • Let the beeswax melt completely (beeswax melts at ~60ºC)
  • Turn off the heat and remove the double boiler from the water. Wait a few minutes to let it cool down (up to 45ºC – 113ºF)
  • Add the essential oil and the vitamin E and mix well
    small bottles of essential oils decorated with peppermint and rosemary plants
  • Before you pour your mixture into the containers, it is very important to make sure they are sterilized. Use a solution of water and bleach to sterilize your containers, and make sure they are absolutely dry – water can create bacteria and fungus, something you don't want on your wonderful lip balm.
    empty lip balm tubes
  • Pour the mixture in the lip tubes or containers. If the misture hardens before you can pour everything, you can reheat it again.
    pouring lip balm into tubes
  • Wait 5 minutes for the mixture to solidify, then place it for 15-30 minutes in the fridge to solidify completely
  • Make sure you clean up the wax from the utensils while it's in liquid form, with a kitchen paper towel. If needed, reheat the utensils.

Making Lip Balm


    Cocoa And Cinnamon Lip Balm Recipe

    4 thoughts on “Cocoa and Cinnamon Lip Balm”

    1. Thanks for sharing this very interesting and Insightful post with us. I think it’s amazing how much we can get out of every day cooking products that we so often take for granted. For instance, olive oil has always been something I only ever thought about as being good for stopping your food atick to the pan, and trasted kinda nice. ut  ddidnt realise just how much goodness was in it.

      • Hello Kwidzin and thanks for your comment.

        Indeed, I love olive oil, but I am portuguese (mediterranean), would be very strange if I just ignored this wonderful oil in my homemade soaps, lotions and lip balms. We in Portugal have high-quality olive oil available in supermarkets for a relatively cheap price.

        I do recommend to use your locally available liquid oil, as long as you know it’s not too refined. Most vegetable oils are good, and the more natural/less refined, the better. I’ve just used olive oil because it’s the most available in my country.

        Have a try at making this lip balm!



    2. Thank you for your informative post. I enjoy cooking, and discovering new ways to use everyday items for anything is a lot of fun for me. I adore chapstick, and being able to make it, especially in cinnamon flavor, is a dream come true. I’ll definitely have to look into this. Having said that, do you have a favorite flavor of chapstick?

      • Hello Kiersti and thanks for your comment.

        To answer your question, not really, but I really liked a lip balm with eucalyptus flavour. So, you can say that is my favorite, right now. 

        I strongly advise you to try make this lip balm, it’s super easy and very creamy. You just need to buy beeswax and cinnamon essential oil. Be very careful with quantities as cinnamon is a skin irritant.

        Have fun!




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