Corona Virus: A Word of Hope

My thoughts on the corona virus on 06-04-2020

Is there still someone in this plant that does not know the corona virus …? He has taken over all of our lives, invaded cities, countries, and literally bombards us with news minute by minute.

I have some thoughts on the subject that I would like to share, because this of the corona virus is starting to annoy me more than scaring me …

First Though

The first thought is that sick people and deaths have been and always have been over the years, decades around the world and by the millions. I see the statistics and they are all huge numbers: about 57 million people die every year on our planet; about 18 million deaths from cardiovascular disease; about 10 million cancer deaths… This corona virus is only proving to be another contribution to statistics.

111,000 people died in 2019 in Portugal and “nothing was happening, everything was fine”. Do the math, there are 9250 deaths per month. 311 dead in a month and a half is nothing. 20 something dead in a day is very little. But 311 died with COVID-19 and all of a sudden we are all practically “in mourning”. And the others? I must say that seasonal flu kills 3000 to 4000 people per season. Are we there yet? Do we cry and die of fear when it happens? No, life is what it is. And there are still many deaths, even with cures and both medically and life support. We will also remember the homeless, who, in a world that closed their doors completely, they were on the wrong side … They suffer and literally starve to death.

“We are also going to remember the homeless, who, in a world that closed their doors completely, they were on the wrong side… They suffer and literally starve to death.”

The big problem here is that nobody has immunity to this virus and as it spreads very well, we can all get sick at the same time, overloading the NHS and then yes, causing more deaths due to the lack of means for so many people. That is why we are closed at home to go, as a community, getting sick only “little by little”.

This virus is new and the medicine / pharmaceutical industry has not yet had time to come up with solutions. Hence, once again, we are at home, “saving” time to reduce the impact of this virus. It is not the end of the world, it is just another bad moment, like so many others that we live in life, many of them with the indifference of the rest of the world. I remember a colleague of mine, who lived a much worse situation and has already overcome it. For her, this virus “is nothing”.

And every day that we contribute to the disease not spreading, there are about 100,000 less patients in the future, 2 or 3 months from now. There were statistics that estimated 19,000, 20,000 infected for March 30th !! According to others, already more optimistic, today we would be in the 20000 and such !! We could have been having an infected daily count of almost 10,000, as in Italy, Spain and the United States. We currently have 11730 infected in total. We start to notice a decrease in the infected daily. Our government is to be congratulated for the measures taken. Or we were lucky as hell!!
See the statistics daily at

“We currently have 11730 infected in total. We start to notice a decrease in the infected daily. Our government is to be congratulated for the measures taken. Or we were lucky as hell!! ”

Second Thought

Let us now move on to my second thought on this subject. Continuing to talk about the infected, I read in this article that it seems that the number of infected is 10 times higher. It makes sense, with the delay that exists between a person being infected, developing symptoms, resorting to the NHS, and being tested for corona virus. If this happens in about 15 days, just calculate the relationship between the number of infected today and the number of infected 15 days ago. It’s about 10 times.

So, in that case, are we… 110,000 infected? This is bad!? It is scary!? No! Suddenly, 311/110000 results in a death rate of 0.3%: it’s just like seasonal flu, but only stronger! It also means that many of us are infected… without symptoms !!!

Are infectious diseases contagious? They are, but they always have been and always have been. For those who have never had severe respiratory infections, you should be careful, avoid spreading the virus, yes, but without having to have an irrational panic to catch it. Not to live the media news (the media are loving all this, I bet, so the CM….) In such a way as to be paralyzed !!

Third Thought

And here we go to my third thought, this, a scientific fact: fear is a biological reaction of our body to danger, a survival mechanism. It produces cortisol, to create extra energy for a possible escape or fight situation: imagine thousands of years ago when we lived in the caves and a wolf entered the cave. We would have to react to fight the wolf or flee for a while.

The side effect is that it shuts down certain more secondary functions in the body, such as…. stimulate the development of the immune system! Hence “stressed” people are more vulnerable to disease. In this particular case, then, fear only harms us, because we want strong immune systems, it is the only thing that protects us from the virus at the moment. This is valid for any virus, attention and usually nothing is done except to alleviate the symptoms with medications. Cough syrup does not treat or cure: it just relieves us of cough.

Although the situation is quite difficult, what is true is that most of us are in good health. The morale below doesn’t help at all. Hold on to the positive and relativize the negative. I know that social isolation is very difficult for many, but given all that has been said, I hope that we learn to create perspective and relativize the situation for what it really is.

“Although the situation is quite difficult, what is true is that most of us are in good health. The morale below doesn’t help at all. Stick to the positive and relativize the negative ”

Forth Thought

Let’s go to my fourth thought on the topice. I am just afraid that this very unique opportunity will also be missed….

We are going to have a deep global crisis in the coming months, I do not know to what extent, nor do I know how serious. We will have behavioral changes at all levels, especially the social one, with consequences that we do not yet suspect. For those interested, you can read this article about what some great thinkers write about what they believe will happen.

It is the ideal time to reflect and, having a hint of faith in Humanity’s common sense, to do truly different, to do better. To think about how we have been living our day-to-day, with so much expense, waste and absurd idolatry to what is superfluous. How we give importance to what is not important and forget what IS important !!

Let’s Have Hope

The State is taking measures to help single companies as they did not see themselves in the crisis of 2008-2012. Solidarity has multiplied: I speak for myself that for a long time I did not contribute to anything and I found myself contributing 2 and 3 times to aid to the NHS. There will be a lot of business, a lot of jobs that will end, many professional lives that will change.

But let’s believe, above all, let’s BATTLE, to be better! To be different! So that, as a society, we can change our way of thinking and be more sustainable, giving importance to PEOPLE, NATURE and not to consumerism, to status, to what is easy and immediate…

My small step was to start making natural soaps and cosmetics. I am from the city, I have always been a consumerist, and these days, there is nothing that satisfies me more than making and using a balm made from medicinal plants, making a cream with the rose petals of my garden. Because it is natural and connects me to nature, to what is good, good and sustainable.

Because I make this a fun pastime, in which my daughter also participates. Because then we have fun making cosmetics for her to play, making play-do dough and homemade slimes. Or work with dry flowers. Or a sprig of flowers that smells good and scents the house. Or colorful and fun and smelling soaps.
I leave you this text to reflect, and I take my leave with this last thought: We will have died from the corona virus… but we will not have practically killed on the road during the Easter operation! The world pays off!

Be well and Happy Easter to all.

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