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Create An Awesome Blog Site And Make Money – Part 2

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If you are going to use WordPress to build your website (which most likely you will) for sure you will need to use plugins. They enhance your website template capabilities in many ways.They also may turn your website slow, so be careful with plugin “overuse”.

I have made a list of the ones that can make your life easy (or at least easier) when you are still using free-theme WordPress websites, without a big toll on site speed. A must in the first months, or even foerever.

WordPress Useful Plugins 


Jetpack and Yoast SEO are the most well known plugin for SEO. However they use a lot of resources and slow down your website. This one is recommended by Wealthy Affiliate, you will have a free license when you create your website. It’s easy to use, reliable and doesn’t slow down too much your website. Be careful with optimizing your posts with SEO recommendations, it’s not really needed. What it will do, mostly, is take care of your data, and turn it into some metadata for Google to “easily see” your posts

Thirsty Affiliate 

This comes when you start using affiliate links. It gives a nice look to them, called link cloaking, and is customizable by yourself. The plugin also helps you manage and track all your affiliate links. Be sure to use such a tool at the early stages of placing affiliate links. The PRO version also helps you with affiliate disclosure for all posts, as it is very important to be compliant with FTC guidelines.

FMTC AFFiliate Disclosure

If you don’t want to purchase Thirsty Affiliate PRO version then this plugin is A MUST, to comply with FTC guidelines. It will place a affiliate message at the top of all your posts. It’s very easy to use, simple and clean, with no other features.  

WordPress Recipe Maker

If your website is based on recipes this is A MUST!!!!! It gives a great look to recipes with some templates to choose from, it shows consistency (your recipes are always organized the same way), it helps you to add images and videos easily. But most of all, your recipes will rank much faster in Google!! They will show up as snippets in a special google feature called “Recipes” and your recipe is more likely to show up at first page than if you use a plain post.

Regenerate Thumbnails

When you switch website templates, and believe me, you are “doomed” to do so at some point, this is a great tool to fix image sizes. Do NOT forget to run this tool when your image sizes start to look erratic on your website. 

Kraken Image Optimizer

Image loading is probably one of the most common reasons for your website to become slow, and one of the easiest to fix. Wealthy Affiliate recommends and gives a free license for this plugin. It optimizes your images size and format in order to load as fast as possible. There are alternatives, and be sure to have a plugin and website template that takes care of this.

Gutenberg addon plugins

 Your WordPress post editor is called Gutenberg, with blocks for all kinds of features to format your post. This would be preferred to Elementor, for example, as Elementor slows down your website a great deal. However, it has some limitations. You can add an advanced blocks plugin for more features. I use Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg, it’s the less “buggy” I’ve found so far.

Sassy Social Media 

This is very good to add social media sharing to all your posts. You can also use your theme feature or widget (preffered) or a Gutenberg addon block. However, this is bug-free, very reliable and you can change its appearance, for example, you have the option of using a sticky menu or just place it below the title in every post, you can use its original colors or add the one predominant on your website, etc.


I want my website to be bilingual – english and portuguese. I’ve used other plugins, and I’ve used GTranslate PRO version. Even if the translation is less than optimal – quality is same as google translate – the free GTranslate version is the best and more trouble-free I’ve found. The problem with going with translated webpages with a different path (like https://mywebsite/en/yourpost/ or https://mywebsite/pt/yourpost/) is that some features do not work, like adding comments (!), also depending on your wordpress theme. And you have a shitload of work to write down translated pages that most of the times are changed by your own plugin…. Aside from an expensive and very professional bilingual website, this is the best choice I’ve found for bilingual websites – with this plugin you can, very very easily, make it translateable for 5 or 6 languages.

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2 thoughts on “Create An Awesome Blog Site And Make Money – Part 2”

  1. Hi Sofia. Very interesting article. I just started my own blog recently and posts like this are extremely helpful. There are so many tools, ad-ons and plugins that it may be very overwhelming for beginners. But looking on your review, some of your recommendations may be extremely useful for my site. I especially like Gutenberg plugin and AIOSEO which hopefully will allow me to increase traffic. Looking forward to test them in practice !

    • Hello Cogito and thanks for your comment.

      The minimum plugins you should have are: one plugin for SEO (AIOSEO), one plugin for social sharing (Sassy Social Sharing. I’ve actually decided to use coded buttons from AddToAny), one plugin for image optimization (I use Kraken), one plugin for site speed (I use W3 TotalCache), and one for GDPR compliance.

      You can add more but be ware of site speed. Check it out in Page Speed from Google.




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