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Essential oils are wonderful ingredients. They are basically plant extracts, most commonly obtained by distillation of raw material plant (leaves, flowers, wood, bark, roots, seeds), or cold pressing.

The way the oils are made is important, as essential oils obtained through chemical processes are not considered true essential oils. 

They have several medicinal and health properties, also being very useful in skincare products, as they contribute with both wonderful scents and skincare properties, such as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterian, anti. fungic, cleansing, moisturizing, soothing, etc. 

However, essential oils are expensive. Although botanicals including rosemary, spearmint, tea tree, citronella, sandalwood and roman chamomile are quite aromatic, it takes a significant amount of plant material to produce even a small quantity of essential oil. 

For example, it takes all of the petals from 30-50 roses to produce a single drop of Rose Otto Essential Oil.

Intensive labor work and very low production yields make essential oils a challenging product to make it accessible to most wallets.

High-quality oils only use pure plant compounds extracted by distillation or cold pressing. Keep the following tips in mind to choose only high-quality oils:

  • Purity: Find an oil that contains only aromatic plant compounds, without additives or synthetic oils. Pure oils usually list the plant’s botanical name (such as Lavandula officinalis) rather than terms like “essential oil of lavender.”
  • Quality: True essential oils are the ones that have been changed the least by the extraction process. Choose a chemical-free essential oil that has been extracted through distillation or mechanical cold pressing.
  • Reputation: Purchase a brand with a reputation for producing high-quality products.

Even if expensive, though, it is my belief that essential oils are worth their price, especially if you compare them directly with synthetic perfumes, in 30ml bottles of 20$, without any of the medicinal plant properties, and sometimes even going as far as containing chemicals that might cause mild conditions, like headaches.

In this article, I will review 5 essential oil brands and better guide you in purchasing good essential oils that do not make you go bankrupted.

essential oil brands

Comparing Five Brands on Four Essential Oils

Five essential oil brands will be compared by using four common essential oils, in order to make a fair comparison regarding price and product quality: lavender, geranium, rosemary, eucalyptus. These essential oils are common enough to be available in any essential oil brand.

The 5 essential oil brands under review are: Spark Naturals, Starwest Botanicals, Amrita Aromatherapy, Pangea Organics, Plant Therapy

The review criteria cover pricing, information availability on the internet (ingredients, testing), customer reviews, product reviews, or testing proof that it has been adulterated.

Lavender Essential Oil

Amrita Aromatherapy – Lavender
10ml – $18,20
Starwest Botanicals – Lavender
10ml – $10,17
Pangea Organics – Lavender
10ml – $12,00
Plant Therapy – Lavender
10ml – $7,49
Lavender Essential OilAmrita
Customer review2222
No adulteration?3333

Geranium Essential Oil

Amrita Aromatherapy – Geranium
10ml – $13.80
Starwest Botanicals – Geranium
10ml – $9.92
Pangea Organics – Geranium
10ml – $13.50
Plant Therapy – Geranium
10ml – $14.95
Geranium Essential OilAmrita
Customer review2222
No adulteration?3333

Rosemary Essential Oil

Amrita Aromatherapy – Rosemary
10ml – $9,80
Starwest Botanicals – Rosemary
10ml – $6.92
Pangea Organics – Rosemary
10ml – $11.25
Plant Therapy – Rosemary
10ml – $7.95
Rosemary Essential OilAmrita
Customer review2222
No adulteration?3333

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Amrita Aromatherapy – Eucalyptus
10ml – $5.50
Starwest Botanicals – Eucalyptus
10ml – $5.42
Pangea Organics – Eucalyptus
10ml – $9.00
Plant Therapy – Eucalyptus
10ml – $7,49
Eucalyptus Essential OilAmrita
Customer review2222

Before giving the final verdict about the brands analyzed, I’d first like to give some directions about purchasing essential oils and why consulting essential oil reviews on the internet can be very useful.

How To Not Get Lost While Buying Essential Oils

When you are looking for any product on the internet, there is always the tendency to look for the cheapest. Essential oils are no different, since a cheap essential oil is still an essential oil, right?


Cheap essential oils, althought not as harmful as pure synthetic perfumes, contain synthetic chemicals to enhance or add aromas, adulterating their composition… and their definition. 

For example, see this article about an ArtNaturals cheap essential oil you might find in Amazon. So, in here, you are buying something that smells like lavender, but has none of its benefitial medicinal properties… because it’s not the pure lavender plant extract.

It’s fine to buy a more artificial fragrance that smells like lavender (they also use plant extracts, just in smaller percentages), what is not fine is to purchase a fragrance thinking it’s an essential oil . The problem is the fact that these companies are flat out inducing their customers in error.

On the other hand, some brands that are good and reputable are very expensive, like DoTerra and Young Living. I mean, take DoTerra for example, a 15ml lavender essential oil that costs 30$? Lavender essential oil is not the cheapest ever, but as you could see, all the brands here analysed were below 20$.

Then you have the Rose essential oil, reputedly expensive for its very low yields (you need 3500-5000 kg of rose petals to produce 1kg of rose essential oil), costing … get ready: 366$ for 5 ml! Ouch!! Ok, Plant Therapy also has a very expensive Rose Otto, at 150$, but at least they have an affordable diluted version (20$ for 5ml).

So, you’ve got to be cautious when purchasing essential oils. Aromaweb, an American association focused on aromatherapy and essential oils, has an article about how to save money when purchasing essential oils. Basically here are their advice:

  • Use just a little bit of essential oils each time, you don’t need more – Less is More
  • Think about purchasing essential oil blends created by the brands. In that way you save from buying several single essential oils. However, if you’re purchasing a blend of essential oils to make soap at home, see Essential Oils to Make Soap before to make an informed purchase
  • Think about purchasing the most expensive oils pre-diluted in carrier oils, they might be less expensive in that way, and still allow you to benefit from all their properties. But make sure you know exactly what carrier oil they are adding (jojoba,…) and what is the percentage of essential oil in it (2%, 5%…) 
Rose Otto diluted in Jojoba Oil (10% dilution)
10ml – 29,95$
Pure Rose Otto
5ml – 149,95$

  • Purchase bottle with the smallest quantities, especially if you don’t know the essential oil well, and wish to find out if you like it.
  • Think about purchasing a starter kit, kits are less expensive than if you purchase the oils one by one. If you’re just starting this is the best option.
Why Buy Individual Oils When You Can Buy the Set? Save up to 48% Off When You Buy the 7&7 Essential Oil Set at Plant Therapy, Available Now!
  • Be very careful with fake essential oils. As it was the case of the ArtNaturals cheap essential oil from Amazon explained before, beware of cheap essential oils in big stores. I am not saying not to buy them, but check the brand, and if they have information online about tests, be informed. Don’t just buy the expressions “pure” “therapeutical grade” and “essential oil” at face value.
  • Instead of purchasing every single essential oil there is, get first some knowledge about them, what are their properties, and how can you best benefit from them. You can find in Aromaweb a long list of free material about essential oils. Healthline also has some good articles, start with this one: What Are Essential Oils, and Do They Work? At HerbAlcochete, you also have this article Essential Oils to Make Soap, recipe articles and more, giving you advice how to best use essential oils in soaps, creams, lotions,  and natural cosmetics.
  • This one is obvious but here it goes: check out for discounts and promotions on your favorite essential oils store, or the reputable ones, you might get good deals

Spark Naturals Order $50 or more and receive 15% off entire order + Free Shipping

Amrita AromatherapyNEW customers save 10% on Amrita!

Plant TherapyGet FREE Shipping & FREE Returns on Every Order at Plant Therapy! Shop Now!

  • Number 10 advice is a bit strange, and I believe it applies in many things in your life, not just essential oils. Still it’s a wise one: don’t feel that you must use essential oils just because people around you are pressuring you to do so.
  • Familiarize with reputable essential oil brands: not all cheap essential oils are fake, not all expensive essential oils are worth the price being paid. Best way is to experiment and share some knowledge. 

I leave here already a list of the most well known and generally accepted reputable brands (random order)

  • DöTerra
  • Young Living
  • Plant Therapy
  • Rocky Mountain Oils
  • Edens Garden
  • Revive
  • Aura Cacia
  • Now Foods 

And the Winner Is…

First and foremost, I want to say that all brands analysed here did not rise any issues about their quality.

All of them have organic products in their portfolio, and all of them, one way or the other, have certifications attesting for their commitment in selling good quality products. It’s safe to say that if you use any of these brands, you will be well served.

Number #1 – Starwest Botanicals Essential Oils

This is my number #1 choice, mostly due to the price. Product quality is visible in customer reviews and product testing, but they are able to reduce price to what I believe to be very affordable values.

They have a good collection of Essential Oils and Organic Essential Oils.

Number #2 – Plant Therapy

However, if price is not a concern and you wish to buy from a well known and reputable brand, Plant Therapy is your best choice, with thousands of good customer reviews over the net testifying it’s a good product and a testing reports available online for each essential oil production batch!

Shop Plant Therapy Today.

I had a personal experience purchasing Plant Therapy essential oils, and I must say I am very pleased with their quality. If I want to purchase more expensive or rare essential oils, I’d buy from them, as their quality/price relation is excellent. Shop Essentials Oils at Plant Therapy. and find out their collection of single essential oils (regular and organic), blends and sets.

Number #3 – Amrita Aromatherapy, Inc.

Number #4 – Spark Naturals

As for Amrita Aromatherapy, Inc. and Spark Naturals, they are in-between – neither the best nor the worst. Just know that there are less expensive and equally good essential oils out there if you are sticking to these brands.

Number #5 – Pangea Organics

Pangea Organics does not seem to be a company very focused on producing/selling essential oils: the information about them – reviews, ingredients, testing – is scarse, and their product list is much smaller than the other brands (26 vs 127 from Plant Therapy).

On the other hand, I’ve found good reviews about their natural cosmetics. It gives some confidence that their essential oils are good as well, but there’s definitely some lack of information and reviews for me to be fully confident.

Some Final Words

With this 5 essential oils brand review did I decide to switch my brand? Comparing with my usual portuguese essential oils supplier, Plena Natura, and because of the price difference and customs expenses, I am still keeping them as my usual essential oils supplier. But for expensive essential oils that don’t exist in Plena Natura, instead of going for a cheap replacement fragrance I will definitely buy Plant Therapy essential oils.

A Word Of Caution: Essential Oils Are Not Magical Medicins

In late years, it seems to me that things are being taken to extremes. The essential oil industry has exploded in late years, and essential oils are starting to be perceived as natural, magical remedies for several conditions and serious illnesses. Inhaling essential oils is becoming to be seen as effective as going to a doctor and taking a prescribed drug.

Let’s not forget one fact. Essential oils are said as being a natural and safer remedy, that can replace the pharmaceutical multimillion-dollar industry. So, essential oil sellers encourage to use essential oils more often than if you use regular medicine. To a point where people use it everywhere, all the time. Sometimes with the risk of causing serious health conditions due to toxic reactions, like allergic contact dermatitis. Essential oils are still an expensive ingredient and guess what, this rush to purchase these “magical” ingredients is making the essential oil industry another multimillion-dollar one.

Don’t you see a pattern here? Well, it’s all driven by profit, of course.

I don’t wish to say that essential oils are bad. Nor that they are so good as to completely forget western medicine. They are strong plant extracts and, when used reasonably and safely, they can be great assets. For example, using topically WITH a carrier oil. Or using as a perfume, a nice scent that pleases you (and just that).

I like essential oils because of their scent and their (supposedly) natural source. They remind me of gardens, woods, and forests. If they help to soothe, calm or relax, even better. But that’s just probably more related to an emotional link between my brain and that scent than a real plant property making effect.

Let’s use some common sense here. And this is why I don’t like to go for the most expensive essential oils, or the cheapest ones. I thank that the ones “in the middle” are the most honest and respectful about the proucts they sell.


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8 thoughts on “High Quality Essential Oil Brands

  1. Thank you so much for that enlightening review. Walking us through the process of how essential oils are made it only makes sense that they come at such a huge cost. In terms of this high quality they are a must have. When I decide to purchase one I will definitely refer to this page as a checklist and pick one from the list you have kindly provided!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Nozipho. 

      I’ve set up a list of not only high-quality brands but high-quality brands at affordable prices, giving the greatest importance to the relation quality/price, as sometimes it is worth spending 1 or 2 dollars more to have better quality, but after a certain point, it’s not worth it.

      When you manage to make a purchase, let me know how much you liked your essential oils :). 

      Best Regards,


  2. I like essential oils and I think that it would be good if even I personally can get some of this essential oils in my home for personal use. I like how you have been able to put all this together and I think it would be very nice to learn more about them. I have to do some research to see if they are healthy for home air.

    1. Hello Jay and thank you for your comment.

      Many essential oil brands have a sort of a starter kit, which makes each essential oil much cheaper than if you buy them separately. This is the best choice to get to know better about your preferences (as essential oils are also a scent experience) – I have one or two links to starter kits in this article.

      As for being healthy for home air, well, as far as air fresheners go, you won’t have much healthier than this. Probably except if you boil some aromatic herbs on water to scent your home 🙂 Of course, you do well to do some research, but unless you inhale directly from the bottle (which is not usually advised), you should be fine.

      Hope you have a good experience with essential oils!



  3. Wow! The benefits of essential oils are really ever growing and the more day that passes is the more people are seeing gt the qualities that actually constitutes the essential oils and are giving it more recognition by buying more. So, getting a buying guide as this that actually detailed all information’s neeedded to take note of before buying and what to look for is really thoughtful of you. Thanks

    1. Hello Kimberly, and thanks for your comment. 

      Buying essential oils can be an overwhelming experience, and as they are expensive, it’s worth a bit of research to know, at the very least, you’re not buying a fake product. The brands I trust the most are the ones with a lot of information online. 

      Hope this article also helped 🙂



  4. Hello Sofia, thanks for helping out with this amazing article on the essential oil. There has been a really huge amount of essential oil in the market and one have to be careful on which to get which would work for what they are dealing with . I am not a fan of drugs because of side effects and so I have really depended on essential oil a lot. Thanks for giving us which is best for usage 

    1. Hello Justin and thanks for your kind review. If you use essential oils, I’d be happy to know which brand you use and how happy are you with it. Research never ends 🙂

      Best Regards,

      Sofia Matias

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