Homemade Body Lotion With Rose Water

With this recipe, you can make a very simple, fragrant and moisturizing – and cheap! – body lotion on your own. With a short list of ingredients and kitchenware only. You won’t believe how easy it is to make – and how wonderful the final product is.

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Rose Water

This was the first lotion I’ve made at home. I had to purchase the emulsifying wax, the preservative and jojoba oil for this recipe, but the rest I had it at home. I was really surprised to know that most lotions and skincare products you use/purchase have a water content of 70% to 80%.

So you can actually make your lotion with distilled water (better to use distilled water than tap water, as tap water always contain disinfectant substances and minerals that might unpredictably interact in your lotion).

several rose petals

I always use this rose petal water infusion for body or face lotions – I also use it as a rose toner. Ideally, you want to make this the rose infusion right before making the lotion, as you won’t need to reheat the water neither you will need to had a preservative.

The Oils

I’ve chosen to use jojoba oil and sweet almond oil for this body lotion. If you want it cheaper, skip the jojoba oil and replace it with sweet almond. You may even use a mixture of sunflower oil and sweet almond oil. However, this lotion is already cheap enough, and I’ve decided to indulge in a more expensive oil (you use a small quantity anyway).

Jojoba oil: it’s a very mild and moisturizing oil (actually, a waxy substance more than an oil), very similar to human sebum. It has a regulating effect as the body recognizes jojoba oil as sebum and reduces the natural sebum production. It has powerful moisturizing properties, contains vitamin E and several minerals.

glass flask of yellow oil

Sweet Almond Oil: probably the most well known vegetable oil for skincare. Filled with several nutrients, vitamins, fatty acids, lightweight and easily absorbed by skin, this oil is very complete, suited for all skin types, great for skin care. Also relatively cheap. The only con is if you have nut alergy, you might not be able to use this oil.

Polawax NF – Emulsifying Wax

Polawax NF is a very common emulsifying wax for homemade cosmetics produced by Croda. Any emulsifying wax NF, however, is a good replacement and you don’t need to worry about having to be Polawax.

According to Wikipedia, this sort of emulsifying wax is created when a vegetable wax is treated with a detergent, being able to bind oil with water together in a smooth emulsion. The ingredients for emulsifying wax NF are cetearyl alcohol and a polysorbate.

Cooling Phase Ingredients

This lotion also uses rose geranium essential oil, providing a wonderful flowery scent, vitamin E oil, a powerful anti-oxidant that helps preserve the oils and nourishes your skin, and a preservative.

The Recipe

This lotion was a total surprise, and it convinced me to start making skincare creams and lotions at home, instead of buying them. Not only they are cheaper, they have the ingredients I want – an expensive oil, a mix of them, distilled water or an herbal infusion, special ingredients such as coenzime Q10 or hydrolised proteins.

I really enjoyed this lotion, it felt quite moisturizing, soft and fragrant, made only with natural ingredients. Very simple and yet better than many body lotions I’ve tried.

Find Where to Buy Rose Body Lotion

If you’re not yet ready to try to make this recipe at home, but you still wish to enjoy a natural and old fashioned rose body lotions, you can find some at the following links:

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Como Fazer Emulsões x
Como Fazer Emulsões
How To Make Emulsions
White bottle with homemade body lotion with rose water

Homemade Body Lotion With Rose Water

This simple and natural face lotion recipe, made with natural ingredients, serves as a tutorial to make lotions at home.
Especially indicated for mature, normal to dry skin, this lotion is adequate for all types of skin, including sensitive, due to the mild ingredients used.
Difficulty: Easy
Weight: 50g
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Skincare Product: Lotion
Method: Emulsion
Keyword: body lotion with rose water, homemade rose body lotion recipe, rose body lotion
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 1 pot of 50 ml
Cost: $0,5 / 0,4€ (price without pot)


Oil Phase

Water Phase

Cooling Phase



  • Disinfect all your equipment before starting. You can boil some of your equipment (like the double boiler, glass cups, spoons), and use a solution of 1 liter of water with 1/2 cup of bleach, for items that are not heat-resistant (like the milk frother, plastic cups or the lotion containers)
  • Make a rose-petals infused water at home in advance. Learn how in: Homemade Natural Face Toner with Rose Petals. Use distilled water only in it.
    Small bottle with rose petals toner

Water Phase

  • Measure all the water phase ingredients – rose-infused water – into a cup
    measuring liquids
  • Heat the water ingredients in low heat to around 60ºC. You can use the microwave but the best is to heat in bagne-marie. Do not let the water boil.

Oil Phase

  • Measure all oil ingredients (jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and wax) into the double boiler
    measure oil phase
  • Place the double boiler over a pan with water (bagne-marie) and let emulsifying wax melt in low heat

Cooling Phase

  • Measure all cooling phase ingredients into a small cup.
  • The essential oil is optional. Vitamin E will enrich your lotion with an anti-oxidant, and is also optional. The preservative is not optional. Use the quantities as per manufacturer instructions. I use Euxyl k940 at 1%.

Making your Lotion

  • Measure the temperature of both the water and the oils. Make sure the rose-infused water is at a higher temperature than the oils.
  • Pour the water into the oils. The mixture will immediately turn milky.
  • Blend the mixture well with a milk frother. If you find lumps in the mixture, heat it a little more (on low heat), and use the milk frother to dissolve the lumps.
  • The mixture will become creamy but runny.
  • Wait till the mixture is around 50ºC or a little lower (122ºF). Then pour the cooling phase ingredients and mix well with a spoon or the milk frother.
    add cooling phase ingredients

Finishing your Lotion

  • It's time to measure your lotion pH. It should be around 5.5 (5-6). Add one teaspoon of citric acid dissolved in water (you can also use lemon juice) if pH is too high, or a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in water if pH is too low. Add as many teaspoon as needed but one or two should be enough.
  • Pour your lotion into an opaque squeeze bottle. You can also use a tin container, but a squeeze or pump opaque bottle protects your lotion against light and air oxidation, dirt contamination or getting in contact with your fingers.
    White bottle with homemade body lotion with rose water


Homemade Body Lotion With Rose Water

5 thoughts on “Homemade Body Lotion With Rose Water”

  1. Hi Sofia, you have amazing work done in here, very informative and helpful post.  I like the tutorial on how to make our own homemade body lotion.  I have tried making my own body lotion before as one of my hobbies.  It is quite an experience to use something that you, yourself, has created.  

    You have given me a bright idea. I might try this one at home.  But I am thinking of using Argan oil, instead.  It would be alright to use another alternative for the oil, right?  

    • Hello Joy and thanks for your comment and your nice words.

      I feel deeply glad and grateful everytime someone says that will try my homemade beauty recipes/formulas 🙂

      Yes you can use any oil you like as long as you respect the quantity, it doesn’t make difference in the formula only in the results. Changing quantity however, might make the lotion to separate, so ba careful about that.

      Argan oil is great, jojoba oil is also great, and it will make for a great body lotion. 

      Still, if you use cheaper oils like sunflower or sweet almond, you won’t be dissapointed!! Just have in mind one thing: the better/purer the oil the better the lotion.

      Have fun making this homemade lotion!



  2. Hi Sofia

    Thanks for your detailed guide to making body lotion at home! I have tried to make sunscreen once and it was not really difficult. Reading your post encourages me to try to make body lotion as I use lotion more often than sunscreen. The ingredient list is not long either which is great!

    Thanks again,


    • Hello Grace and thanks for your comment.

      I hope you try to make this lotion by yourself, and enjoy it. I am sure you won’t regret it! 🙂




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