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How To Make Clear Soap With Toys Inside

Want to surprise your kids or their friends with these so-very-cute soaps? They are very easy to make! They’re visually stunning, really fun to use and totally costumizeable. Learn how to make them with this recipe!

Gifts For Kids

My daughter had her birthday at the end of her school year and she wanted to celebrate with her school friends. The pandemic now doesn’t allow for birthday parties at school, or to bring food (like a birthday cake) to share with other people. 

So, I had this idea of giving a small gift to every one in her classroom, which was ok. It would have to be handmade by both of us, as it would be more special… and cheaper. After browsing through and trying to choose from a lot of ideas, including candles (which are dangerous to kids…), I came up with this idea of giving a clear soap with a toy inside. 

So, we gave a small gift to everyone with soap with a toy inside and a baloon. According to my daughter, everyone loved the small gift, even the boys 🙂

I actually think is a fun, simple and lovely idea for a gift. It’s also very affordable. 

A Fun Kids-Parents Project

This recipe is simple enough that you can make it along with your kids! Apart from dealing with a heat source, it really doesn’t have any dangerous hazards. For older kids, you even might let them do it all by themselves, just make sure they have the soap base (either purchased or handmade by you with this recipe: How To Make Transparent Soap Base).

It’s not adviseable for very small children, as they might ingest some of the ingredients… While none of them is actually toxic, eating soap might not be a great idea 🙂

Make this a family project, and transform this recipe into a fun and well spent family afternoon!

The Recipe

Melt and pour soap is usually easy to make. This recipe is even easier, where the only trick you need to learn is how to embed the toys inside the soap. 

If the toys you are using are compact and heavy (like marbles) you really don’t need to make a two-step layered soap. The problem is that most toys are hollow and have air inside. The air trapped makes the toy float in the liquid soap, which “forces” an additional layer to cover the toy completely.

When making layered soap, it’s fundamental to spray the solid layer with alcohol and prick the soap with a toothpick, before pouring the second layer. Why? The soap layers might separate when the soap is fully solid.

As for addictives, we use:

  • an essential oil for scent: lavender, as it’s one of the mildest essential oils and has a scent that everyone likes;
  • an oil for superfat: sweet almond oil, sunflower oil or another oil as long as it’s a clear liquid oil.
  • a surfactant: mild coco glucoside or dexyl glucoside. A word of advice about this one: this is not a natural ingredient, so if you want to make a natural product, don’t use this ingredient. This is useful only if you make the clear soap base according to this recipe, since the soap doesn’t foam a lot. Still, it’s completely optional.

Choosing You Soap Base

Ok, I’ve already said a a couple of times along this post that you can make your own soap base by following How To Make Transparent Soap Base, so there’s no need to repeat… Damn…

Anyway, if you are afraid to deal with lye or feel that making the soap base is just too much for you at this point in time, you can purchase a clear melt and pour soap base. That’s the beauty of melt and pour 🙂 Here are some suggestions for melt and pour soap bases:

Find Where To Buy Soap With Toys Inside

It’s great fun to make this soap at home, whether you buy the soap base or make it yourself. Still, if you wish to purchase soaps with toys inside, check out utter cuteness in the following links:

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Soap With Toys Inside

Sofia Matias
Want to surprise your kids or their friends with these so-very-cute soaps? They are very easy to make! They're visually stunning, really fun to use and totally costumizeable. Learn how to make them with this recipe!
Weight: 1000g
Difficulty: Easy
Prep Time30 minutes
Cook Time20 minutes
Total Time50 minutes
MethodMelt and Pour
ProductSoap Bar
Servings20 soap bars (50g)
Cost$7 – 13$ / 6€ – 11€



Preparations and Good Practices

  • Disinfect all your equipment before starting. You can boil some of your equipment (like the double boiler, glass cups, spoons), and use a solution of 1 liter of water with 1/2 cup of bleach, for items that are not heat-resistant (like the milk frother, plastic cups or the lotion containers)
    Desinfecting equipment and containers with a water and bleach solution
  • Check out the post How To Make Soap by Melt And Pour. Besides having a simple recipe, it explains in general the steps and ingredients to make soaps with melt and pour soap base.
    Yellow melt and pour soap with chia seeds

Melt The Soap

  • NOTE: You can purchase the soap base… or you can make it yourself with the following recipe: How To Make Transparent Soap Base.
    how to make transparent soap base
  • Cut the melt and pour soap base into small cubes (2 cm x 2 cm x 2 cm) into your bowl or pan, with the distilled water.
    1 kg crystal clear soap base, 5 ml distilled water
  • Take it to an electric stove and set the heat to medium. Let the soap base melt completely. Spray with alcohol if you have a solid layer at the surface.

Add Addictives

  • NOTE: Coco glucoside is a mild synthetic detergent you can add if you want to give more foam to your soap. However, if you want to keep your soap natural, this ingredients should not be added. It's completely optional.
  • Set the heat to low. Add the oil and the surfactant and mix well. Let the ingredients incorporate.
    5 ml sweet almond oil, 5 ml coco glucoside
  • Turn off the heat. Let it cool a bit and add the essential oil. Sprinkle with alcohol if you have a solid layer at the surface.

Mounting the Toys Inside The Soap

  • Place the small toys inside the molds. You can use any soap mold you like as long as the small toys are able to fit in. I've used these rectangular soap molds and also flower ones.
  • Pour a small layer of soap, enough to cover the bottom of the soap mold. Let the soap harden, it should take around 30 minutes. This will allow to hold the toys when you pour the rest of the soap. Otherwise, they will float.
  • Pour the rest of the soap into the soap molds then let them harden for 1-3 hours. If needed, you can reheat your soap to liquid state.
  • Once solid, unmold and, if applicable, cut your soaps into small ones (I've cut my rectangular soaps in half to make small ones). Cover them with thin plastic film to keep them away from moisture. They are ready to use!!


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  1. I have two granddaughters who are going to LOVE making these soaps!  I think I will probably buy the soap as the little ones wouldn’t have the patience to make their own and let them choose the toys.  Christmas presents perhaps?  I have bookmarked your site and I can’t wait to get started!!

    • Hello Cynthia and thanks for your comment.

      Yes, the recipe is quite interesting for kids as well. They also make simple and yet great gifts 🙂 I am glad you have enjoyed the post. Come back any time!




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