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Just Nutritive Oily Hair Shampoo

Healthy hair produces a certain amount of sebum, or oil, as a way to hydrate your scalp and protect your hair. The amount of sebum you produce varies depending on your hair type, hygiene habits, and other lifestyle factors.

Sometimes this natural oil can collect on your hair, especially at the root. This gives your hair a slick appearance that some people feel looks dirty or greasy. If you feel your hair may be oilier than it should be, keep reading. 

Just Nutritive has shampoos for oily hair, packed with natural plant ingredients – vegetable oils, herbal hydrossols, and several plant extracts. Actually, they have shampoos for every hair condition you might have. Keep reading to find out more.

What Causes Oily Hair

Your scalp produces sebum naturally as part of your body’s defense system. So, your hair will always have an amount of natural oil present. Practicing good hair hygiene by washing your scalp often and well with a shampoo cleanses the oil and gives your hair a fresh start. But some hair types are prone to oil buildup. Oil can build up to a visible level in less than a 24-hour time span. And that’s when it becomes an issue.

Some external factors, such as intense exercise, overuse of hair products, overwashing – yes, you need to be careful with washing too many times your hair – or even going outside in excessive humidity or heat can trigger an oily hair day. 

How to Do To Treat Oily Hair?

If you want to read more in-depth about what causes oily hair, and some simple tips to avoid it, check out this post.

We use shampoos to wash our hairs, but haircare is never complete without a hair conditioner, in order for your hair to look loose and with volume. Also, some additional products, like serums, hair masks and hair rinses act as “supplements” for more extreme cases of oily hair.

Actually, oily hair is mostly about a lack of balance between washing and natural oil (sebum) production. Control that and your hair will shine in its full healthy glory. Using a full haircare line or a kit, where all products including hair styling products work together, is a good bet, especially if you want to have good results and you have tried everything to control the oil in your hair without sucess.

Check out this post review about natural products to control oily hair, as well a professional hair care treatment kit from Just Nutritive especially designed to treat oily hair, consisting in shampoo, rinse, hair conditioner, and a protein/vitamin treatment product, all made with natural ingredients:

Best Shampoo For Oily Hair – A Natural Shampoo

The best skin care and hair care products are the ones formulated with natural ingredients, able to provide with essential nutrients and usually milder than anything lab-created. 

For oily hair, a shampoo formulated with natural ingredients such as tea tree essential oil or argan oil, cleansing, anti-bacterial, but also mild in its nature will be a winner. Natural ingredients give your hair and scalp the essential nutrients they might be missing.

Actually, an oily hair might just be a symptom of an aggressive agent over your scalp: your scalp is producing more sebum than needed to fight something. So, giving your hair and scalp what it needs will balance this sebum production, and your hair will regain its best look.

Of course, you should have a healthy diet as well, where you can use one or more of the natural products adequate for oily hair, like honey or green tea. Natural products are much more effective to your health when ingested.

Just Nutritive Oily Hair Shampoo

Just Nutritive is a USA online shop and brand that makes all-natural shampoos, conditioners and many other products to give your hair a healthy and beautiful look. All sulfate-free, with no dyes, no minerals, no parabens, and no silicone.

Oily Hair Shampoo

Lemongrass, Tea Tree, and Basil have antibacterial properties that purify oily roots for beautifully fresh, flowing hair from root to tip. Botanical extracts Nettle and Licorice work to soothe your scalp and remove excess oils and buildup leaving hair feeling fresh and pure.” –


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Homemade Natural Shampoo Bar and Hair Conditioner

You can make your own shampoo and hair conditioner at home!! I only have recipes for solid shampoo bars, as they mean fewer ingredients, are simpler and easier to make and maintain. The hair conditioner will look a lot like the hair conditioners you are used to.

Shampoo Bar Recipe for Oily Hair

This shampoo is made with SCI and argan oil, avocado oil, tea tree, peppermint and rosemary essential oils, and green clay. Argan oil can be replaced with jojoba oil, a bit cheaper but equally good. Green clay will provide the best cleansing effect, but you can replace it with kaolin or pink clay if you wish for a milder product.

Coconut oil and tea tree essential oil were already mentioned as good natural products to control oily hair. Jojoba or argan oil are very moisturizing oils, filled with essential nutrients, with the advantage of being very similar to human sebum, therefore, promoting sebum production equilibrium.

The fat content of avocado oil, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and minerals also makes a great ingredient for your hair. Peppermint and rosemary essential oils are known to promote hair growth and healthy hair, therefore, they are a must-have in any hair product. Green clay is a cleansing clay that will clarify your hair and scalp, and strip it from grease.

Syndet Shampoo Bar for Oily Hair
Try making this solid shampoo bar at home. A natural and mild shampoo, where you know all the ingredients it has, made with a mild surfactant and a pH of 5.5, the right one for your hair. Tailored for oily hair type and with your favorite scent.
Dificulty: Easy
Weight: 100g
Author: Silvana Liviero
Check out this recipe
Green clay shampoo bar with herbs and flowers for decoration

Hair Conditioner Recipe

This homemade hair conditioner is basically an emulsion, made with argan oil and jojoba oil, aloe vera juice, vegetable glycerin, B5 vitamin or d-panthenol, rosemary infused water or hydrosol, and rosemary essential oil . For oily hair, you can replace rosemary essential oil with tea tree oil.

Last but not the least, we have the emulsifying wax, BTMS. It acts as a wonderful emulsifier when mixing several different ingredients. In addition to its emulsifying capabilities, it’s also a great detangling agent and absorbs well into hair strands.

This is the first conditioner I have used that actually improves hair detangling with time, meaning that with continued usage, my hair got less detangled. I believe that is why I have less hair breakage. Nevertheless, no matter how wonderful this conditioner is, with a oily hair, you should use it moderately. While frequency depends on how “dry” your ends are, I recommend to apply it ONLY on your ends, or in the zones where your hair gets more tangled. Avoid roots and scalp.

Homemade Hair Conditioner
Try to make this hair conditioner at home! Made with pure oils and vegetable ingredients, to nourish your hair the right way. Scented with rosemary and rose geranium.
Difficulty: Easy
Weight: 100g
Check out this recipe


The best shampoo for oily hair is one that, at the end, helps control your sebum production, and keeps your hair fresh, clean and ungreased for as long as possible. Again, natural ingredients that contain essential nutrients for your body, work well both when applied topically and when added to your diet. 

Avoiding an oily hair, in the end, is all about equilibrium: getting your hair and scalp with the nutrients they need, while cleaning it from dirt, grease and grime.

You can either purchase your shampoo for oily hair from Just Nutritive, along with other products for a complete treatment line, or make it yourself at home, where you are sure of what ingredients your shampoo will have, and you can even customize it to your particular needs.

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2 thoughts on “Just Nutritive Oily Hair Shampoo”

  1. My hair has always been very oily, and my forehead and scalp are visibly oily only a couple of hours after I shower. I’m looking for a natural shampoo that will reduce the amount of oil on my skin and in my hair. The JustNutritrive Shampoo seems like a good option, but I want to know if the ingredients are processed because my scalp will break out if I use shampoo with any chemicals in it. Will JustNutritive work or do you recommend anything else?

    • Hello Garin and thank you for your comment,

      I’ve chosen Just Nutritive shampoos because they are the most natural ones I’ve found, after checking many skincare products. I’ve checked the list of ingredients and the names in “latim” are actually plant names. 

      This shampoo is made with aloe vera hydrosol (the natural gel of the plant leaves) and several vegetable oils and extracts. The names I couldn’t recognize immediately are substances that are considered very safe. The one that probably might raise some concern is  “Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate”. But this is a mild surfactant derived from coconut, the cleansing substance that will strip the oil excess from your hair and scalp. I use it on my homemade shampoo bar and have no issues so far. 

      So, this looks like a very natural and safe shampoo, especially compared with store-bought ones. Unfortunately, I can’t predict how your hair and scalp will react to it, it’s up to you if you wish to give it a try. 

      In alternative, baby shampoos are the mildest ones you can find in stores. My advice is really to try a product for 1 to 2 months and see how your hair and scalp behaves, and how “clean” you feel.

      Hope this helps!





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