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Love This Lovelula Beauty Box Review

Do you like beauty boxes? And would you like to try how natural products feel on your skin or hair? The monthly LoveLula Beanty Box is a great way to try out different natural beauty brands and products that are available from LoveLula in a cost-effective manner.

What Is Lovelula?

Lovelula is an online store that works with over 200 global brands, providing “the world’s finest natural and organic beauty products. Brands are hand-picked and tested: products must be created using the highest possible percentage of high grade, ethically sourced natural and organic ingredients; and they must be effective, luxurious and guilt-free.” – Lovelula – About Us.

They make a point of running a policy of NO Parabens, NO SLS’s and NO animal testing. At same time, they seek out the most innovative companies and strive to support ethically and environmentally driven businesses.

Lovelula began with a mother striving to ease her baby severe eczema issue. Looking for skin care products that could help, she was shocked with the amount of chemicals in skincare products masquerading as ‘natural’ (check yourself by reading Commercial Soap Ingredients – What Are They?, and checking a skin care product label). So she began researching the market for dedicated companies who shared her beliefs. 

And so Lovelula was born, growing with the merge of more organic companies, sustained by faith in organic products and a strong ethical stance, offering the world great products that are born from a mix of innovation and nature. Read the whole story and more in Lovelula – About Us.

Free International Shipping

We all have shopped at Amazon and other big online retailers, and we all know how shipping costs are important in whether we should purchase or not a certain item. 

Lovelula wants so badly to make available natural products to everyone, that they offer FREE SHIPPING internationally if you make an order above 15£ (that would be $20 or 17,50€, not really a fortune in the skin care world). If you order is below that, you pay 2.95£, which, again, is not a fortune.

It’s the only natural beauty shop selling worldwide with such low shipping costs. If you are outside UK, you also avoid paying VAT.

Lovelula Beauty Box Review

Is it expensive?

This monthly beauty box can be purchased only once, in 3, 6 or 12 months. There’s also a monthly option for UK customers.

While it’s normal that beauty subscriptions will give you access to beauty products at lower prices, the natural products sold in Lovelula can have a great discount if purchased through the beauty box. For example, a box with $75 worth of products, can cost less than $17, if you purchase the 12-month option and live in UK. That would be a reduction of more than 75%!! 

As, most likely, you are reading this post from another country, you are probably discouraged. Don’t be!! A 12-month beauty box for International purchases is $270, which means $22,5 per box. The reduction is still around 70%!!

While the initial cost may be a big investment, it makes expensive natural beauty products… cheap!! At around $5,5 in average, each (considering boxes of 4 products each). With the big advantage that they are natural and will actually provide good skin care and hair care treatment.

If you don’t wish to invest so much at once, the other options are not much more expensive. The one-time-only box costs $33.60, making each product cost $8,4. Better than a $12 soap bar or a anti-aging rosehip oil of $45.

How Many Products Will I Receive?

The average box gives you 4 products (but it’s not a rule as the October box, for example, had 6 products) of every type: 

  • balms, 
  • face creams, 
  • body creams, 
  • shampoo bars, 
  • soap bars, 
  • skin oils,
  • serums,
  • body butters, 
  • deodorants, 
  • cosmetics, 
  • you name it…

You can check here what each box actually had in the previous months.

Consider this a great investment in your health – natural beauty products, available to you at your doorstep, for $5,5 to $8,5 each!! At worst, these beauty products won’t do you any harm; at best, they will slow down general degeneration, cleanse, hydrate, strenghten and give shine to your skin and hair, providing to you an healthier life. 

Natural Beauty Delivered Monthly To Your Door

The monthly LoveLula Box is a great chance to try out the different Natural Beauty brands and products that are available from LoveLula in a cost-effective manner.


Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have a question, or just something to say, please, leave a comment below.

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