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If you know someone really passionate about soap making or doing natural cosmetics at home (like me), know that this is the best gift you can give, especially if it is a book with recipes. If you are one yourself, and can’t get enough of knowing and trying new recipes, then this article is for you!

Here is a set of books about natural cosmetics, soap making, and natural ingredients. Some are from Portuguese authors some are just translations from the English version. If you happen to read any of them, feel free to comment and let me know what you thought.

Natural Cosmetics

Cosmética Natural – Fernanda Botelho e Dulce Mourato

Buy at Wook – 16,90€

What does it take to make your own cosmetic products? What raw materials to choose? What instruments to use? What are the procedures?

Two great names in the world of natural cosmetics, Fernanda Botelho and Dulce Mourato bring in this book the answers you need to start in this natural cosmetics adventure.

Um Spa Em Sua Casa – Manuela Nunes

Buy at Wook – 14,00€

Amazing tricks and combinations to enhance your beauty!

  • A simple chamomile tea, which cleanses and tones the face at the end of the day;
  • Banana peel to fight acne;
  • An oat and honey scrub that leaves the skin silky and free of impurities;
  • Egg white and yogurt so that the skin is firmer and free from wrinkles;
  • Peppermint cream, ideal to fight cellulite;
  • Coconut oil to repair damaged hair;
  • Mask of onion and lemon, extremely effective to prevent dandruff.

These are some of the recipes that Manuela Nunes presents us in this essential book to take care of your beauty.

Beleza Natural – Maria do Céu Painhas

Buy at Wook – 16,80€

Fantastic tips and recipes for hair and skin care! Learn how to use natural products, made at home, and find out how to keep yourself young, beautiful and healthy. Written by a portuguese entrepreneur.

A Senhora do Monte – Cláudia Costa e Tiago Lucena

Buy at Wook – 16,6€

Wook (ebook) – 10,99€

This is so much more than a natural cosmetics book or a soap making book. It’s a book about a different lifestyle, where you make everything yourself! Recovering the Portuguese traditional past and ancestral knowledge, the authors present homemade organic solutions for everyday.

More than 70 recipes for personal hygiene and house cleaning, easy to prepare, ecological and with natural products available in any drugstore, herbalist or supermarket.

Beleza Natural: 150 Receitas de Cosméticos Naturais Para Fazer Em Casa – Stephanie Gerber

Buy at Wook – 15,50€

The Portuguese translation version of the previous book “Hello Glow”. Make your own fresh, organic, and effective spa, skincare, hair-maintenance, and cosmetics recipes at home with these 50 beautiful, tried-and-tested tutorials.

Beleza Natural – Abi Righton e Juliette Goggin

Buy at Wook – 19,99€

The Portuguese translation (and cheaper) version of the previous book “Handmade Beauty”, and inspirational guide to making skincare and haircare products at home, with a recipe of beer shampoo!

As Mentiras Da Cosmética – Beatrice Mautino

Buy at Wook – 15,50€

We are inundated daily with all kinds of information about cosmetics. Television bombards us with advertising, magazines promote the latest news in the field of miraculous mascara and shampoos and, especially on the Internet, we come across articles that draw our attention to products and ingredients that can cause disease.

How to know what to choose? Of what we apply to the body, we only know what marketing wants us to know, that is, little and not always what would allow us to choose consciously.

Beatrice Mautino, scientist, researcher and scientific disseminator, sought to fill this serious gap by putting herself in the shoes of those who enter a store with the intention of buying effective (and safe) products that improve their appearance and well-being, without being deceived by publicity.

Soap Making

Sabonetes Caseiros – <without author info>

Buy at Wook – 9,50€

This is a book to make soap from scratch.

Fill your bathroom with fragrances of lemon, roses and lavender or with aromas of coconut, rosemary and cedar! This book teaches you how to easily create your own soap, bath salts or oils, using fresh ingredients such as flowers, almond or avocado oil, or mango butter-based.

Manufacture personal hygiene products with your favorite aromas, using natural and sustainable methods and avoiding the use of silicone or synthetic preservatives. Precise and detailed instructions, color photographs and numerous suggestions will help you get started with these techniques.


Oleos Essenciais – Gill Farrer Halls

Buy at Wook – 15,50€

This is a Portuguese translation of the original book.

Essential oils are one of the oldest and most renowned forms of holistic therapy; the healing they operate is very subtle but profoundly effective. These natural essences are increasingly used among us, either as a complementary healing alternative or as an integral therapy.

This comprehensive guide teaches you how to use essential oils to calm your body and mind, relieve some of the most common symptoms and discomfort, and even make your own cosmetics enriched with their properties.

Óleo de Coco – Laura Agar Wilson

Buy at Wook – 16,59€

Divided into four sections – Food, Health, Home and Beauty -, this book presents a wide range of recipes that demonstrate the versatility of coconut oil.

In addition to the usual culinary uses, coconut oil has several applications in the area of ​​health, cosmetics and household products.

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