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Simple Natural Hair Treatments at Home

Want to find out the best hair treatment regime for your hair and scalp? What are the best products for oily scalp and dry hair? Or oily hair and dry scalp? How to treat dandruff? Hair loss? This post covers a Hair Treatment post series, for all hair types. 

It Doesn’t Need To Be At a Salon

We all have the idea that the salon is the best place to treat your hair. I have to admit that it is better to cut my hair at a salon. But I don’t really believe that they treat hair in the sense of giving it shine and nourishment. Or protecting our hair and scalp from environmental conditions. At least they don’t encourage that. 

They are more focused in styling and coloring. And the more effective, strong and long-lasting, the better. But we all know that comes at a cost of a lot of chemical substances. Doesn’t matter if you are using in your hair – and scalp – chemicals like hydrogen peroxide or ammonium hydroxide (best known as ammonia), that would make you cringe in other situations.

I wash my hair at home at it lasts up to two days without looking oily. But when I go to the salon, after a few hours, my hair looks like it was licked by a cow… They also keep poking me to dye my hair, while I was never asked to make a deep conditioning treatment (something I would probably like and accept). But enough of bashing on salons.

Simple Natural Hair Treatments at Home

What I really mean to say is that a good hair treatment doesn’t need to be made at the salon. You can make it in the confort of your home. And it doesn’t need to be expensive. It’s true that good and effective natural hair products tend to be expensive due to the ingredients they have. But you can use the simple ingredients stand-alone, for example. 

You can make homemade shampoos, conditioners and hair rinses. You can use store-bought natural hair treatment kits. You can even use a mix of your own store bought shampoo and conditioner with homemade hair masks and hair rinses made with kitchen ingredients, like coconut oil or rosemary herbal infusion.

Hair Treatments for All Hair Types

I have been reviewing, for each hair type or condition, several hair care routines and home remedies you can apply regularly. Even simple things like stopping to use your blow dryer, or relax more often, may help you treat your hair condition. And this is the result – a Hair Treatment post series:

I hope you enjoyed this post series. If you have any question or wish to give your opinion, feel free to leave a comment below.

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