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Beauty Gift Sets are a great way to purchase several cosmetic products for a good price, compared with buying all products stand-alone. Some of these sets are actually less expensive than some stand-alone moisturizers or serums – the commercial kind that I believe won’t do much to your skin due to lack of natural ingredients and an excess of synthetic ones… 

So, this is what makes these beauty gift boxes unique: they are all all-natural cosmetic beauty gift sets, with great products, filled with natural ingredients that do treat and nourish your skin. Whether you want anti-aging products or natural make-up, whether you can indulge on an expensive set or just want to find a cheap one, this list is for you.

And here we go!

Make-up Beauty Gift Sets

Find Your Match Set – Alima PURE

Alima PURE is a natural cosmetics store since 2004, from Portland, Oregon. I can tell they follow the same philosophy as most natural cosmetic formulators: minimal number of ingredients, most of which are natural ingredients, complete openness about ingredients. They use rosehip seed oil in some of their products, so good!!

What you can find in this beauty gift set:

I have chosen this set as my favorite from their gift boxes because I believe it’s a genius (and relatively cheap) idea!! It’s a complete set of sample shades of make-up powder foundation so that you can experiment each on your skin until you find the one perfect for you. After that, you can use their 10$ credit (that goes with the set) to purchase your next powder foundation. 

Why you should buy this beauty gift set:

For only $24, this set comes with 8 sample tins of different shades of power foundation and a powder brush. You can choose your skin tone from 8 choices, then your kit has, again, 8 shades of that tone. It’s difficult not to find out our perfect skin tone match!! Then purchase your powder foundation with a $10 discount.

The Party Eye Set – Alima PURE

This is another set from Alima PURE (check Find Your Match Set to know about Alima PURE).

What you can find in this beauty gift set:
  • Two pressed eyeshadow shades with a discount of $12 compared with buying each eyeshadow alone. Comes in 2 Color sets: Solar + Nova (silver and gold) and Instinct + Icon (bronze and golden-silver) 

The pressed powder is made with micas, tocopherol (vitamin E), and jojoba oil (among other natural ingredients). It’s quite easy to spend 20$ on a compact eyeshadow, but these ones, at least, are made with natural ingredients that will respect your skin.

Why you should buy this beauty gift set:

If you love earthy, silver & gold eyeshadows and love natural products – to give as a gift, even if it is a gift for yourself! – this is a really nice beauty set for you, for only $40.

Limited Edition Savannah Peach Collection – RMS Beauty

“Several years ago, Rose-Marie began to experience some severe health issues. In her healing process and intense research, she discovered that some of the toxic chemicals and heavy metals in her system were also found in today’s beauty products we use daily.

After rebuilding her own health, Rose-Marie realized she wanted to help other women claim their right to healthy, clean beauty and created the first of its kind, truly organic color cosmetic line, RMS Beauty. It is now sold worldwide and growing.” – https://www.rmsbeauty.com/pages/about

Another natural cosmetics brand, showing you that you can use make-up with natural ingredients that respect your skin – you have choices!

What you can find in this beauty gift set:
  • Monterey Wild With Desire lipstick
  • Scarlett Peach luminizing powder
  • Savannah Sunset Swift shadow
  • Peach multEYEtasker

All these cosmetics are made mainly with micas, buriti oil, and natural waxes. There are other ingredients with fancy names in these cosmetics such as caprylic/capric triglyceridepropanediol, tocopherol (vitamin E oil), silicapentylene glycol, zinc stearate. They are all-natural (at very least, more natural) alternatives to synthetic compounds in make-up products.

Why you should buy this beauty gift set:

If you like earthy tones and peach-like make-up, from lipstick to blush, this make-up gift set is for you! It’s a complete make-up set made with natural ingredients. It means that it respects your skin unlike synthetic ingredients-based make-up. It also means that you will spend less in skincare products treating and cleansing your skin! 

Hidden Desire Palette – RMS Beauty

“Six new swift shadows in both luminous and satin finishes that can be mixed and matched to create an array of endless shades in addition to featuring a universally flattering pressed blush and an exclusive luminizing powder. This limited edition collection features 8 never-before-released products!” – https://www.lovelula.com/products/rms-beauty-hidden-desire-palette

What you can find in this beauty gift set:
  • pink suede mind control swift shadow
  • indigo smoke secret admirer swift shadow
  • warm gray guilty swift shadow
  • deep copper with warm undertones immortal swift shadow
  • apricot shimmer lady vanish swift shadow
  • deep golden aubergine mystic moment luminizing powder
  • elegant sheer glitter passion play pressed blush 
  • soft salmon pink

These products are made with a blend of micas (for color), buriti oil, and natural replacements for synthetic compounds such as caprylic/capric triglyceridepropanediol, tocopherol (vitamin E oil), silicapentylene glycol, or zinc stearate.  

Why you should buy this beauty gift set:

I have chosen this make-up set as a colorful alternative to the ever-present earthy colors I’ve seen in all other sets. It’s a palette of 8 make-up eyeshadows, blush, and finishing powder, for only $52. With the plus side of being made with natural ingredients, which means that it won’t unbalance your skin like synthetic ingredients-based make-up do.

Face and Body Treatment Beauty Gift Sets

Bio Damascena Luxury Gift Set – Alteya Organics

Alteya Organics was founded in 1999, but brings over 100 years of wisdom about growing and harvesting Bulgarian roses and distilling its precious essential oil: rose otto. This is their main source for their natural products. Their scientific team has been researching the benefits of rose oil to the skin and formulating exquisite, luxury products. So this is definitely a luxury set, filled with natural goodness.

What you can find in this beauty gift set:
  • Rose Otto Day Face Moisturizer
  • Rose Otto Night Moisturizer
  • Rose Otto Ageless Eye Cream

Some expensive perfumery creams stand alone cost as much than this 3-product luxury set and I can guarantee you by personal experience that rose petal-based products are the best, most well balanced products for mature skin. It is known to be good for sensitive skin as well.

Why you should buy this beauty gift set:

If you have mature skin and are looking for youthful-looking, healthy, glowing and beautiful skin, this beauty set is for you!!

It is packed with all-natural ingredients that stand-alone are already very good for skin regeneration and conditioning (see my article Soapmaking Oils Chart), especially rose otto oil. The eye cream also contains pomegranate seed oil, known as one of the best anti-aging oils (and expensive too).

Pamper Yourself Gift Set – Balm Balm

Balm Balm’s was created in 2005 by an aromatherapist who wished to make affordable 100% organic skincare products with wide distribution. Their products are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. They make a point of being green, cruelty-free and completely transparent about cosmetic labels: all ingredients listed, no hidden “nasties”.

What you can find in this beauty gift set:
  • Super Light Coconut Cleanser (100ml – 3.38oz): Made with Fractionated Coconut Oil, without the use of chemicals.
  • Rose Floral Water (100ml – 3.38oz): Can’t speak well enough about the benefits of rose floral water. It’s a perfectly balanced, cleansing, moisturizing toner, great for mature skin, but also good for any other type. 
  • Beauty Balm (60ml – 2.04oz): You can use this rich, multi-tasking balm to Exfoliate & Cleanse (with a muslin cloth), as an Intensive moisture boost, a Balancing Facial Mask, a Pampering Lip Balm, a Nourishing Hand & Nail Balm, a Smoothing Elbow & Heel Balm or a Hand & Foot Exfoliator (mix with a little bit of caster sugar and start exfoliating!).
  • Little Miracle Rosehip Serum (30ml – 1.02oz): A rich blend of rosehip, jojoba and borage oils generously infused with essential oils. Use it as an added boost to moisturize and refine your skin’s texture.
  • Little Miracle Rosehip Balm (30ml – 1.02oz): A complete and regenerating face balm suitable for all skin types. Combines soothing base oils with the regenerating power of Rosehip oil.
  • Hibiscus Face Mask (15g – 0.51oz): A gentle and effective combination of brown rice flour, ground hibiscus and rose geranium essential oil.
  • Organic Cotton Muslin Cloth: to enhance your cleansing routine and leave your skin feeling polished & pampered.
Why you should buy this beauty gift set:

It’s a gift set of 6 natural beauty products for only $75! That’s around $12 per product plus one free muslin cloth. From the ingredients listed, I can say it’s a set adequate for most skin types.

The whole set contains a wide variety of natural ingredients that will provide different nutrients to your skin. With moisturizing, cleansing, exfoliating, conditioning and regenerating properties, your skin will get a complete treatment – and a lot of pampering.

Aurora Radiance Discovery Kit – LUXE Botanics

“Founded by Jené Roestorf, a South African biological scientist and global ingredient hunter, LUXE Botanics is a targeted skincare line that features Global Botanical oils whose molecular structure mimics, balances and protects our skin.

Scientifically researched, Marula nut oil from Kenya, Camu Camu berry extract from Brazil, and Kigelia africana fruit extract from Malawi deliver antioxidant protection, prevent trans epidermal water loss and provide antibacterial benefit. ” – https://luxebotanics.com/pages/our-story

What you can find in this beauty gift set:
  • Marula Hydrating Pre Cleanser (15ml – 0.51oz)
  • Camu Brightening Cleanser (15ml – 0.51oz)
  • Camu Brightening Mist (15ml – 0.51oz) 
  • Camu Brightening Serum (5ml – 0.17oz) 
  • Camu Brightening Moisturiser (7ml – 0.34oz)
  • 1 Custom LUXE Botanics Aluminium Tin
  • 1 Organic Cotton and Bamboo hand sewn muslin cloth 

This kit promises to revive your lackluster and environmentally damaged skin. It features an introduction to their reparative, Vitamin C rich, CAMU Brightening and replenishing MARULA Hydrating lines, overflowing with active antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 

Why you should buy this beauty gift set:

A targeted treatment kit if you have weather-damaged skin, with natural alternative regenerating ingredients (no rosehip seed oil or pomegranate), it will revive a dull and deplected complexion, leaving your skin invigorated and vibrant.

You can find the benefits of camu-camu fruit here and marula oil here. Among other benefits, they are packed with vitamin C, a great anti-oxidant, that protects your skin from free radicals and is effective at fading hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Face and Body Natural Skincare Set – Lyonsleaf

Lyonsleaf seems to be in this business to help people. They have been producing skincare products since 2011, grow their own herbs, and have an on-going plan to go organic. At least, apart from obviously wanting to make profit, they care for what they put in the market, which shows on their website.

They completely defend what I defend myself: natural, effective AND affordable cosmetic products. Products that respect your skin and help it with some conditions – most of the time, just using natural products makes skin conditions diminish or even disappear completely. Click here if you wish to read more about their mission and values.

What you can find in this beauty gift set:
  • Beauty Balm (30ml – 1.02oz): made with shea butter, babassu oil, macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil. Also, an anti-oxidant (tocopherol or vitamin E) and a blend of essential oils for scent and some medicinal properties
  • Body Butter (30ml – 1.02oz): made with coconut oil, shea butter, avocado oil and sweet almond oil. Again, an anti-oxidant (tocopherol or vitamin E) and a blend of essential oils for scent and some medicinal properties
  • One 500gsm Face Flannel and One Muslin Face Cloth 
Why you should buy this beauty gift set:

If you are on a low budget but love natural products, this gift set is definitely for you!! This brand has more gift sets, equally cheap but more treatment-specific.

This kit is a general-purpose face and body moisturizing and regenerative treatment. You don’t need much more than this set to keep your skin glowing and hydrated for several weeks.

That’s the thing with natural products: they are very good and effective, and you end up using less of them. They actually treat and balance your skin, and your own body does the rest, provided you have a good diet. 

I hope you enjoyed this article!! If you have a question or wish to give a suggestion, leave a comment below.

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  1. I love Balm Balm products. And I would like to buy a Little Miracle Rosehip Serum and a Rose Floral Water for this occasion. In my book, they score high on the ecological front.

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  2. Hello. Good day. Thanks again for another great article.  I love this article because it tell us more on beauty on women and how to know their own beauty kit that matches thier skin tone. This will enable some ladies to have the ideas on how to get the right and best beauty kits for themselves in other not to get the wrong one and ends up damaging thier skin. Thanks a lot. Looking forward for more. 

    • Hello BobKay and thanks for your comment.

      These kits have the advantage of being made with natural ingredients, they respect women’s skin and won’t contribute to more damaged skin, like cosmetics made with synthetic ingredients. You have both make-up and treatment kits.




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