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  • How To Harden Soap

    How To Harden Soap

    Learn how to harden soap recipes by choosing the right oils, the right alkaline substance or “lye”, as well as use natural addictives that will give you extra hardness to your soaps.

  • Tomato Soap Recipe

    Tomato Soap Recipe

    Learn how to make this tomato soap recipe, using tomato puree as a natural colorant. Follow a simple cold process soap recipe with natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, and a wonderful fragrance with lavender and ylang-ylang. It’s a unique natural soap with a vibrant orange hue.

  • Christmas Soap Recipe: With Drop Swirl

    Christmas Soap Recipe: With Drop Swirl

    Learn how to make a Christmas soap recipe. What scents should you use and how to wrap your soaps for gifts. What else can you do to go along with your soaps as a very special handmade gift for your loved ones.