6 Great Women’s Makeup Sets

Lost in ideas in what to buy for you mom, wife or sister? Or you simply wish to pamper yourself with some special, natural and healthier make-up? This post contains 6 great women’s makeup sets, all made with natural, and some even organic ingredients, non-toxic and harmless for the skin.

Find Your Match Set – Alima PURE

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Alima Pure is a natural cosmetics brand from Portland, Oregon. Their products are made using clean, non-toxic ingredients. Some of their products are refillable, promoting an environmentally-friendly, zero-waste culture.

I have chosen this set as my favorite from their gift boxes because I believe it’s a genius (and relatively cheap) idea!! It’s a complete set of sample shades of make-up powder foundation. You can experiment each on your skin until you find the perfect one for you. After that, you can use their 10$ credit (that goes with the set) to purchase your next powder foundation. 

Why you should buy this make-up gift set:

For only $24, this set comes with 8 sample tins of different shades of power foundation and a powder brush. You can choose your skin tone from 8 choices. Then your kit has, again, 8 shades of that tone. It’s difficult not to find out your perfect skin tone match!! 

Then purchase your next powder foundation with a $10 discount.

The Party Eye Set – Alima PURE

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In this set, also from Alima PURE, you can purchase two pressed eyeshadow shades. They cost less $20 compared with buying each eyeshadow alone. Comes in 4 Color sets. Purchase 2 of these sets and you will get 4 eye shadows for $40 less! 

Micas, tocopherol (vitamin E), and jojoba oil, among others, make up (!) for the natural ingredients list. All these eyeshadows are refillable, for $20 – another zero-waste product.

Why you should buy this make-up gift set:

If you love earthy, dark and shimmery eyeshadows and love natural products – to give as a gift, even if it is a gift for yourself! – this is a really nice makeup set for you, for only $40. Alima PURE has a reward program, where you earn points from purchases. You will be able to trade those points for discounts and sample packs. If you refer a friend, both will get a 15% discount.

The Lipstick Set – Pop Collection

Velvet Lipstick set 2

Your makeup collection will never be complete without lipstick. From Alima PURE, find this duo of lipsticks with a $16 discount. These lipsticks are made primarily with coconut oil, jojoba oil, carnauba and camelilla waxes, bamboo extract, colored with micas. In semi-matte rosy pink and vibrant red.

Why you should buy this make-up gift set:

A lipstick set made will all-natural and nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil and coconut oil will definitely keep your lips hydrated and healthy. Alima PURE has a reward program, where you earn points from purchases. You will be able to trade those points for discounts and sample packs. If you refer a friend, both will get a 15% discount.

Natural Makeup Palette – 100% Pure


Make-up from 100% Pure seems to come from natural cosmetics dreamland: they have developed a Fruit Pigmented® technology!! Yes, they have found a way to color makeup with pigments made out of fruit! More specifically fruit, vegetables, tea, coffee, and cocoa.

This deluxe palette features a highlighter, blush, and 3 eye shadows all made with skin-nourishing ingredients, such as rice starch, rosehip seed oil, avocado oil and many more. You can choose from 4 color sets, all pastel and natural.

One of these palletes have won a Clean Beauty Award in 2020.

If you become a Purist Perk Member, you can benefit from free shipping, seasonal sales, vouchrs and a birthday gift.

Why you should buy this make-up gift set:

It’s made out of fruit!! Ok, maybe that’s a stretch considering the ingredients list. But it surely looks like a grocery list. You can get a highlighter, blush and 3 eye shadows for $55, making each item priced at $11. Made with natural ingredients, it’s a winner for someone wishing to use natural cosmetics!!

There’s free shipping for orders over $50 for US customers and for orders over $99 for UK/EU (safe duty taxes and VAT).

Black To Basics Trio – 100% Pure

Black To Basics trio

This makeup set consists of an award-winning Ultra Lengthening Mascara, a rose gold lash curler, and long-lasting pencil eyeliner. All packed in a gorgeous purse.

The mascara is made with black tea leaf extract, vitamin E, beeswax, and several other natural ingredients. The eyeliner is made with jojoba oil among other oils, shea butter, candelilla and carnauba waxes. It makes for a great eye makeup gift, for only $35 – you save $32 compared buying everything stand-alone. Made with natural ingredients. 

Why you should buy this make-up gift set:

A great $35 eye makeup gift from 100% Pure, made with natural ingredients. One review states that, unlike other products, this mascara and eyeliner is non-irritating for her eyes.

There’s free shipping for orders over $50 for US customers and for orders over $99 for UK/EU (safe duty taxes and VAT).

6 Piece Makeup Gift Set Starter Kit – Etsy

EarthMakeup is an women’s small business making and selling natural makeup. They have an Etsy shop, where they sell this 6-piece great makeup starter kit. With main ingredients being rice powder, arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, zinc oxide (good for acne), all makeup is custom blended into gorgeous earthy colors.

For only $50, you get this makeup kit, basic math saying that you buy each makeup piece for $8,30 each. They allow you to costumize the kit by choosing to replace any item by another in the shop. You just need to write down on the notes when purchasing it. Almost 5000 sales with 5 starts from 1383 reviews.

Why you should buy this make-up gift set:

A handmade, custom-blended makeup starter kit, relatively inexpensive, made with all-natural ingredients: probably the most complete makeup kit filled with natural makeup. To give as a gift or just pamper yourself with it.


If you have been searching and searching for makeup made with natural ingredients, your search has ended! Not only you can find the perfect gift in one of these sets, you can also buy one for yourself, and start a new life with chemical-free makeup.

It’s also a perfect gift for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions, as natural ingredients are usually mild and less or even not prone to reactions. 

4 thoughts on “6 Great Women’s Makeup Sets”

  1. Your bio mentions that you make your own soaps and cosmetics.  I am a cook who loves to make my dishes from whole, fresh ingredients but I find, as I’m sure you do, that sometimes we have to make use of premade products.  It’s nice to know there are quality, organic options out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg.  As a person who has always been drawn to earth tones, I think I’ll try the Savannah Peach Collection.  Thank you for posting!

    • Hello Cynthia and thanks for your comment.

      Yes, it’s nice to know that there are natural organic products that offer quality. And that they are affordable like you said. They are not easy to find, but they do exist. 

      I do like to make my own soaps and beauty products, but I understand that there are people who are not so much into DIY. They can still enjoy natural cosmetics, by purchasing instead of making them. It’s great to know that there are options for everyone and sharing this information is the reason why my blog exists.



  2. Oh, how I love makeup sets!  I’m always uncertain about what colors I should put together but the sets do it for me!  The first thing I’m going to order is the powder foundations samplers so I can take the time to find which one I like best.  I’m also going to try the Natural Makeup Palette from 100% Pure because I like the fact that the colors are from fruits!  Thank you for posting!

    • Hello Cynthia! Thanks for your comment!

      I know right? 😀 Fruit colored-make up! I was amazed myself! I am so glad you found some make-up sets you actually like. Let me also know if you’d like to see other sort of stuff.



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