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  • Clear Soap Recipe

    Clear Soap Recipe

    Are you intrigued by the elegance of clear soap and wondering how to create it yourself? Well, you’re in luck because today we’re going to learn how to make beautiful, simple soaps with this clear soap recipe. Get ready to embark on a soapy adventure!

  • Luxurious Rose Soap Recipe

    Luxurious Rose Soap Recipe

    This is an old fashioned but luxurious cold process rose soap recipe, wonderfully soft. Perfect for Valentine’s day, Mother’s day or just a birthday gift.

  • Soda Ash in Soap: What It Is, How to Remove It

    Soda Ash in Soap: What It Is, How to Remove It

    What is soda ash? Is it harmful? Learn all about soda ash in soap making. This white powder can be welcomed or ruin your soap swirl designs. Find out also how to prevent and remove soda ash.